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Can anyone give me the setting of colour cotrast etc for this TV, I have spent several hours adjusting this and that. Someone must have already done this. Im using SKY SD.


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I use the Custom settings from this link on my KDL-40V2500 (40" V series), which works really well for me...

Input Targets = All (I only use AV5 HDMI input from STR-KS1000 Amp (with Sony NS76H DVD Player & Sky HD attached via HDMI)
Picture Mode = Custom
Backlight = 1
Contrast = Max
Brightness = 38
Colour = 51
Colour Temperature = Cool
Sharpness = 14
Noise Reduction = Off

Adavnced Settings
Black Corrector = Off
Contrast Enhancer = Off
Gamma = Off
Clear White = High
Colour Space = Normal
MPEG Noise Reduction = Low


I have a KDL46W2000 which was set up by an installer from the local Sony Centre. I am very pleased with the following setup and have not adjusted it since installation. It was so good that my wife thought she was watching HD. Further research convinced me she wasn't but it had me fooled. (I have noticed that not all broadcasts are the same - the Blue Planet series was especially vibrant)

You will notice that they are slightly different to the settings from xander73.

Input Targets = All (I use AV1 for SKY and AV5 for DVD Recorder)
Picture Mode = Custom
Backlight = 8
Contrast = 75
Brightness = 80
Colour = 50
Colour Temperature = Neutral
Sharpness = 15
Noise Reduction = Low

Advanced Settings
Black Corrector = Medium
Contrast Enhancer = Low
Gamma = Low
Clear White = Off
Live colour = Off
Colour Space = Wide
MPEG Noise Reduction = Off

I would certainly be interested to hear what you think.

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