Correct amp for speakers


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I'd be looking at a Marantz or a Yamaha.
The Mordaunt Shorts are very nice, but because of the alumium cones, can be slightly bright.
I found my Denon 3803 to be slightly brighter than my Yam 557, so assuming something like the same sort of sound throughout a manufacturers range, the Yam would be a better match.
The Marantz is the same make, so should match as you say.
Whatever, I'd say you want a warmish amp as opposed to bright.
Only personal opinion of course and there is no substitution for a demo.


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I'm running a pair of 906s through a Cambridge Audio 540r v2 at the moment. Planning to buy the rest of the speakers to make up the the same system you're looking at separately as cashflow allows (probably minus the sub as I don't really need huge amounts of bass for the size of my room). Really happy with the sound I'm getting from running these two on their own at the moment.

Did a lot of research prior to purchasing and Mordaunt Short / Cambridge Audio pairings seem to be pretty well rated.



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I'd note that you get a £200 voucher with your purchase. It'd be worth seeing if petertysons sell something you could perhaps use this as discount off.
They sell the Denon 3806 and the yammy 2600 which are popular and may be worth looking into.


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