Coronavirus: Twitter allows staff to work from home 'forever'


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work from home is good but i think employers are pulling a fast one with futures plans on this.
they are saving money but the employees are losing money with increased electricity and heating bills. in my house both adults have been at home full time, TVs and PCs running in two rooms 5 days a week for 8hrs. have a feeling the electricity bill will be through the roof. if it wasn't the warmer months you'd be looking at massive heating bills
also health and safety. i'm cramped on a small 'desk', using an uncomfortable kitchen chair. don't have my usual 2 monitors.

i don't expect compensation now, as these are exceptional times but there are rumblings from CEOs about closing offices etc. if they do the savings they are making must be passed on. if they expect people to work from home full time there should be a payment made for this.

what are others thoughts.
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