Coronavirus: Cat owners fear pets will make them sick


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Cat owners fear they will catch coronavirus from their pets with some asking for them to be rehomed, an animal charity has said.

Iris's Cats In Need in Stoke-on-Trent has received several calls from owners worrying their pets will make them sick.

The World Health Organization said there is no evidence that pets can be infected by Covid-19.

Volunteer Claire Jones said: "You cannot catch this from a cat."

The 42-year-old said the charity has had several calls about rehoming cats, "Mostly, it's people who haven't got access to the right information online.

"It's a nightmare." "



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I am a cat owner and I do not fear I will catch the coronavirus. Some people will believe anything.
The stuff I get on my FB feed from the Americans is really unbelievable except lots of them do it seems.


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All sounds like a good reason to get rid of the cats and get a dog - much better ;)


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My 2 cats are both indoor ones,it's really been great to have them around in my isolation.

Fact in the 1685 outbreak of the plague in London,people thought the same,and put Thousands of cats & Dogs to death,only to be overrun by rats,that were the main cause of the plague.(The flea on the rats)


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A few cats and dogs were handed into my wife's work over the past few days. All coming from stupid nonsense on social media. The vets are already under pressure having to shut branches and go down to 1 branch in the area and lay off 80% of the staff and now they have to deal with people just handed over their pet. fudgeing idiots!
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