Corning Optical Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.2 gen2 to connect a pc 15-20m away?


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I have a complicated issue on my hands, I'll try to lay down the situation as quickly as possible:

Ultimate Goal: use the high-end 3080ti powered PC as BOTH an HDMI 2.1 source for my LG C1 OLED @4k/120hz AND my 2 work monitors which are on the other side of the flat ~20 meters away.

Original Plan: Run a really long active optic HDMI cable along the way
-> doable but the Ruipro 8K cable that does it is really thick => won't go on walls or under doors/carpets =>yikes.

Plan B: Move the PC close to the TV in the living room and run a single Thunderbolt3 or USB 3.2 gen2 cable with a docking station on the other side for both monitors/ mouse, keyboard, ethernet. (like what Linus does in this video) -> Linus
-> many problems

-Display 1 is 1440p @165hz => ~16.3 Gbps bandwith | Display 2 is 1440p @60hz => ~ 5.63 Gbps bandwith for total of ~ 22 Gbps. Combined with ethernet and usb let's say around 25 Gbps total.

-PC motherboard is AMD X570=>no Thunderbolt support unless I change the mobo to one of the 2/3 Thunderbolt certified AM4 motherboards.


-If I get a mobo with built-in TB3 support does that output the video from the integrated GPU or from the 3080ti? Same question if I get a TB3 PCI-e card installed?

Would a full-fledged Thunderbolt docking station handle 2 monitors one at qhd @165hz and another qhd @60 hz. They all state they can handle 2x 4K monitors at 60hz but just wondering if the qhd 165hz option will be available at all.

- If I drop the second 60hz monitor therefore dropping the bandwidth to under 20Gbps could I not use a USB 3.2 Gen2 cable and docking station. Would that display the single monitor at QHD 165hz?

Grateful to anyone who shed some light here!
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