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:rolleyes: Afternoon,

Am kickstarting my AV set up with some chasing around and over a double set of doors to run speaker cable to the rear of the room such fun!
Can anyone recommend speaker cable to use to bury in wall, I will be adding brackets at point of termination to hide wires sticking through plaster.
Or should i run trunking and add faceplates to the walls
Speakers are CA MINX's all round.
Can anyone advise me on the sublocation? was thinking next to the left side of the sofa in open fronted sidetable, or should it be near screen?.In which case I will need to run subcable and hide sub underneath tv unit (have very destructive 1 1/2 yr old!).

I am having to utilise the corner unit we have so will have ps3,v+hd, Pioneer VSXS300 and wd tv live crammed in. (her indoors wont let me wall mount it!)
All hooked up too a panasonic 37g10B (not the best in the world but got it free) will do till i get some more money...

thanks for reading any thoughts help much appreciated.
Will add photos if anyone wants as its not a luxury build like the rest.:confused:


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Probably best to get some photos up or a plan of the room so we can give the best advice.

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