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I have just moved house recently and in my previous house I had my tv above my fire and recessed into the chimney breast, all near and tidy with all the wires hidden away chased up the side of the chimney breast wall and hidden behind the coving to a little room under my stairs.
In my new house all the wires coming in are sat in the corner of the room to the left of the fireplace. The fire does not work, neither do I have a chimney breast. My question is....
If I choose to put my tv above the fire, what’s the best way to relocate the wires etc so they are hidden either behind the tv or so they come through the wall and are hidden somehow.
Or..... if this is too much of a ball ache, can anyone recommend any decent corner stands for a 40inch tv.

I will attach some photos to show the wall.

I will eventually build up my system etc with a sound bar etc etc but at the minute, I’m happy to just have the tv on the wall / corner with Netflix and catch up.



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I personally hate TVs mounted up high... eye level all the way. It's also best placed in the middle of a wall so you can set your sound up around it. If the fire doesn't work (and assuming your central heating is warm enough and you're not gonna replace the fire!) then rip the thing out!

Then it's up to you whether you chase your cables in or mount everything in a central stand. I prefer the latter... makes it easier to adjust and change things and provides a home for my kit. It's gotta go somewhere so it might as well all be together!


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Plus, if you rip the fire out, you'll have to replace the skirting board... replace it with a big-ass one and stash all your big cable runs behind that.
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