Corner position-cylinder or box?


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I was just wondering if you have to put a sub in a corner quite tight up against a wall is there any difference in performance between a cylinder or box subwoofer?


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Placing a sub in a corner will mean that the sub will excite all of the rooms main modes (resonances) equally and gain the maximum boundary possible. This is not normally a good thing with something as capable as an SVS cylinder, but your mileage may vary depending on the room.

One thing that will differ between the two subs is that the cylinder places a much greater distance between the driver and ports, than the equivalent box. Having this wider spacing of the two overlapping bass sources in the vertical plane can smooth out the response in the the floor/ceiling mode, which is one of the worst for contributing to thuddy, one note bass.

As to what will happen with the rest of the bass range is anybodies guess.



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When you are comparing boxes and Cylinders, i presume you are talking about SVS Subs.

My PCU13 is tucked up tight in a corner and hidden behind the TV. I could definantly not fit a box of even the smaller sizes in the same space.

When it was out in the open halfway along a side wall i needed 5 BFD cuts to get a decent response. In the corner where it lives i only need 1 cut to get a excellent response In my room of course.

My other reasoning of cylinder over box is that i'd not like those ports facing me and blasting me with copious amounts of air when things get lively. Just a point to consider if it's going to be facing you and near to the listening position :D

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