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Hi all,

Im in the planning stages of building a floating wall using Jonna's Awesome Method.

This is no longer an "idea" and plus im in the middle of doing my living room up :) - currently stripped it all out!

I have a few obstacles, which I need advice on:

  1. Will Jonna’s method work?
  2. What shall I do about the Water Pipe – In case of a burst pipe etc. (its going up to the bathroom)
  3. Coving – need to be removed?
  4. Sockets – I only have one double socket, can I use extenders (4 way etc)?

Can one else see any potential issues or requirements??

I don’t have any fancy editing program on this laptop, so I’ve edited the picture with what it may look like – Is that feasible?

  • MDF
  • Plasterboard
  • What size timber should I use for the studs?
  • What type/size screws are required to fix timber to wall?
  • Plasterboard screws
  • 1 bag Finishing Plaster (for patching some of the ceiling where the coving has come off and the plasterboard itself)

  • V+ Box
  • PS3
  • Wii
  • PC
  • A cheap amp with Wifi and DAB/Internet Radio/HDMI (any recommendations)
  • Surround Sound (possibly) (it only a 5x 3 room)


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