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i wondered if anyone had successfully recorded the nick broomfield film ghosts shown last night on more 4?.
i set sky+ for the 10 o,clock showing, at five past the recording light had not shown up so i set the the recording again for the more 4 +1 screening at 11 , again no recording only a listing on the planner to record the programme. the only other time this had occoured was around a month ago bbc4 screened the documentary this film is not yet rated , this came up as recording failed.
could it be a copywrite issue as both films have only just been released on dvd ?
but the arena screenung of the u.s v john lennon did record despite the fact that the dvd also had only just come on the market.
ghosts is due to be repeated on saturday night so i,ll try again it just strikes me as weird that these particular recordings failed


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I'd suggest a manual recording for sunday night, just to ensure you've got it.

Did you actually check to see if the film had started? if more4 were running late it might explain why it was "to be recorded" still
Recording on a Sky+ is NOT affected by any form of copyright protection and it is highly unlikely that it ever could be - the box records a "raw" signal from the tuner before any form of decoding or decryption is apllied to the signal, so has no idea (other than the data from epg that is used as a "file descriptor") what it is recording - any current form of copy protection/decryption is applied during playback (or live viewing). Incidentally this why you can record programmes on channels you do not have a subscription to at that time and play them back later when you do have a valid subscription to that channel AND the reverse is also true where if you downgrade your subscription, you are no longer able to view previous recordings on channels you have removed the subscription to.

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