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Just bought the new Coldplay cd & wanted to transfer it to my HD3. to my terrible disapointment it is copyright controlled & wont record to sonic stage. Is there anyway round this. Whats the point of a cd that can't be transferred?? Am i going to be forced to start carrying my old personel cd player around with me . . . . God forbid!!!

Hope someone can help



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I bought the CD, loaded it onto my PC - SS3.1 copied it, and then moved it to my HD3, no problem - I am surprised at what you are saying.... :confused:


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possible solution for you, convert it to MP3 using cdex this should work as it ignores the copyrighted portion of the disc.


Thanks for the advice . . . cdex???

So chhesed that I cant get it to copy!!!


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If your computer runs windows XP, Rip the CD using Windows media player, then import the files using the import files utility on sonicstage. paa baa, done.


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When you put the CD in and it comes up with that dialogue box saying...
"Warning. To Listen to this CD a number of files need to be updated on your PC. Select OK to install, Cancel to quit the installation process"

I always press 'Cancel' and it seems to work fine in Sonic Stage (can be seen and ripped) and works in other players too, eg Windows Media Player.

Whether pressing 'Cancel' makes a difference or not, I don't know, but I do it anyway!

Out of curiosity...does anyone press 'Ok' and it still work fine?


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As I understand it, "OK" will update your CD ROM drivers and install some PC player that reads low bit rate copies in a data sector of the disc also making it impossible for you to use normal players and rippers with these so called CD's from that point onwards. I could be wrong but I doubt it.
I sent one back to MVC because it wouldn't even play on a 1 year old portable CD player.

I've had to rip the odd CD to lossless Windows Media and convert to MP3 in iTunes to get the tracks loaded. In my experience if you click "cancel" iTunes and/or WMP can rip CDs but I've no experience with Sonic Stage.

Presumably if you click "OK" on XP you can roll back the duff driver but there is no legitimate reason why you would need 'updated files' to play a CD when the format is what 20 years old?

I hate the music labels treating those of us actually buying discs as criminals - real pirates don't bat an eyelid at this stuff anyway. They probably copy the protected discs bit for bit with the protection still in place :rolleyes:


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hi folks,,,, i also had problems with shakira;s cd.... any pc drive i put it into just wont read it... label on the front of the cd states it cannot be played in a pc or mac....

are there any ways around this?



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Shakira - green felt tip pen around the outside.

I ripped just because it was copy protected

A few CDs I have had to rip on the PC then reburn as red book CD-Rs just to play them in my old DVD player - which played red book CDs perfectly.

My complaints got nowhere - I just keep taking them back for refunds.

I complained to Watchdog, the record company, and Phillips (red book holder).

Oneday for a laugh I am going to buy one and get on exchange every copy from Tescos returned!


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I have found the solution to this problem thanks to the guys on the other thread (link is found above)
First I ripped the CD with Media Player, but i did not find the imported files (stupid me). As i imagined this did not work, I used CDEX, and it worked great!!! You should mind the settings for this, to prevent Jitters!
After ripping the files to WAV, i converted them to ATRAC PLUS and everything is working just fine!

Good luck!


Seems the question of 'Copy Controlled' CDs is bafflingly inconsistent: SonicStage just ripped Annie Lennox's 'Bare' album (copy control version) with absolutely no worries.


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