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Hi guys,

I went for a HD5 last summer. Apart from the obligatory cracking issues I am pleased with the player. HOWEVER, I have just upgraded my mobile phone and took advantage of a supplier offer of taking a free 2gb Nano....

Yes Itunes is the more user friendly software and its usability has prompted my question. It happily imports copy controlled cd's (Coldplay X&Y to name just one) to the Nano. I think that I know the answer but is there any way of getting sonic stage to do this? I use SS3.....

Thanks Dave


SonicStage does, somewhat ironically, have difficulty with copying protected discs, so it usually involves getting a third-party piece of software involved, I'm afraid! Something like the legendary EAC/LAME combo, or CDex should suit your needs nicely.


You can use Jet Audio or WMP etc to ripn your cd in .wav or mp3 format then import those files to SoncStage then convert them to Atrac(if you like ).

I have one or two cd`s coopy protected cd`s which SonicStage doesn`t allow to rip .


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Yes, CDex is one of three I'd use for CC'd cds. The others are Audiograbber and good old Windows Media Player. I usually rip with WMP into mp3 and import them into Sonicstage for my HD5, and iTunes for the missus' nano.

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