Copying Titles Between Panasonic Recorders

Neil Barton

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I've just bought a Panasonic DMR-HWT150 to upgrade from DMR-HW120 (which couldn't run iPlayer). I copied all of the existing recordings onto an Ext HDD thinking i could copy them onto the new one but I've hit a problem. The new recorder will not see anything on the Ext Hdd unless it is registered. If I register the Ext Hdd it will wipe everything on the hard disk as part of the process.
So how do I copy titles from the old recorder to the new one?


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Sorry - It cant be done.

Content is locked down to one machine.

Neil Barton

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Thanks Gavtech,
I'll not waste any more of my time. Suffice to say this is the stupidest use of security I've seen. It could allow me to copy it since it deleted the original when I copied it to the Ext Hdd. If I copied it again in the same way I would still only have one copy but it would be where I can actually use it. Security is easy to put in place but can cause untold problems if done poorly. This is a poor implementation in my view as it can only discourage buying a new machine.
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