Copying Photo's to a DVD?


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Hi All,

How do I copy photo's from iphoto to a blank DVD? I have a June 2009 UMBP.

I went into iphoto, under edit selected All & then copy. I then opened up the DVD so a blank window appeared & then simply pasted.

This has copied all my photo's on to the DVD but there is a little "tick at the bottom of one of the corners of each photo and I do not know what this means or if the photo's are justa link or something & if I gave the DVD to someone else to look at on their computer, whether the photo's will show up - can anyone help me out?


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Why not try it out first? Then you'll know ;-) You can just drag and drop from iPhoto to use in other application, and even onto the upload button of a forum like AVFORUMS...


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Seriously why not check the Help file first?


That was one of the first things I did as well as google for more input - I just could not find out what the tick meant & wanted to learn for future reference.

It turn's out I also have a issue with the DVD drive which is why I guess it would halt burning at some point in the process - it's going in for repairs today after speaking to applecare.



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I just opened the Help file and entering either "DVD" or "backup" gave me

To burn your own CD or DVD:

Select the photo library, albums, or individual photos you want to burn to a disc.
Choose Share > Burn.
Insert a CD-RW disc or a blank CD-R or DVD-R disc into your drive.
Disc information appears at the bottom of the iPhoto viewing area. The green area on the disc icon represents the amount of disc space your photos require.
If necessary, type a new name for the disc in the Name field.
Click the Burn button.
Click the Burn button in the Burn Disc dialog.

Good luck with the drive issue.

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