Copying large files from HDR-FOX T2


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Hi all,
This question has probably come up before but here goes.
  • I have a recording of the Olympic games opening ceremony 3hrs. 52min on my Humax HDR-FOX T2
  • Due to forgetting to stop recording and re starting it I now have a second file of the closing ceremony which is as big.
  • I have a 32GB USB stick
  • Want to get the recording off of Fox T2
  • FAT 32 barrier prevents me doing this.
  • I can only copy 1hr. 32min
The annoying thing is I want to get it of the HD so that I can edit the recording removing the athletes entrance this will probably make the file a lot smaller, but of course you cant edit the file on FOX-2 first.
Does anybody out there have any practical answers/advice.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

Paul (uk)
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You could install the customised software. You'd then have the option to add packages which could support NTFS read/write or on the box editing. Have a look here and here

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