copying from NTSC VHS to PAL VHS and vice versa

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by George F, Jul 24, 2002.

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    I would be very grateful if someone could recommend some video hardware equipment.
    I want to be able to copy from NTSC VHS to PAL VHS and vice versa and also to make an NTSC VHS copy from an NTSC VHS original.
    I have Toshiba 858 and Toshiba 730 VCR's (each about 2 years old). Television is also Toshiba and about 2 years old.
    have been looking at Lektropacks ad in "What Video". Have been told that one of my Toshiba VCR's and Lektropacks MCV6 will meet all my requirements above. their machine MCV6 (based on a Panasonic) looks good but anxious about price (500 pounds) and service. no-one in town where I live can service Lektropacks machine properly.
    can anyone please help and advise? local shops don't have enough expertise to advise me.
    hope you can help.
    best wishes, George
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    Jul 14, 2000
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    Somewhere in South Yorkshire
    You will ned either a standalone standards converter or a VCR with one built in. For standalones, Lektropacks are your best bet, and the more you pay (they do converters from £300 to £800) the better the conversion process. Or you could invest in a broadcast quality multi-field converter at several thousand pounds from Snell & Willcox.

    A VCR with an inbuilt converter is the other option. Samsung do one, at about £600. Panasonic used to do one, not sure if it is still available. Or there is the Lektropacks item as you mentioned. I have recently seen the Samsung model on sale on Tottenham Court Road.

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