Copying from humax Foxsat to Fox-T2??


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I have a number of programmes copied onto a portable hard drive from my foxsat. My phd has linux and windows partitions.

I tried last night for the first time to copy these onto my fox-T2. (Actually I copied some programmes into the linux partition first as I had nothing in there).

Initially the Fox-t2 did see the files but when I selected copy, I'm not sure what happened.... or at least nothing seemed to happen. They didn't get copied to the HDD. Then the Fox-T2 decided not to see the files on my phd (which were still there as I checked on my foxsat).

I decided to remove the programmes from the phd and copy across a new (different) set of files from my foxsat. The fox t-2 still told me there were 2 files in the drive1 but could not actually see them - nothing came up on screen for me to copy and if i copy the folder, there is nothing in it.

The fox-t2 can see my 2nd partition (windows) and can copy folders across (I accidently did a 'copy all' when the phd was plugged in, but didn't really expect documents to display!) It did manage to copy across some .avi and these are now on the fox-t2 and can be played from there.

Any suggestions on how I've managed to 'hide' these other files now? They should be .ts so I was assuming there really should not be anything difficult about this process..........Though since copy didn't work the first time, is there something particularly obvious that I didn't do?!

I'll switch everything of at the wall and have a look at my phd partitions on my pc later on, delete everything and start again and see if I get better results.

But any helpful suggestions would be great.

Many thanks.


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Thanks Graham,
I'll have a play this evening with this. :)

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