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    I have 2 queries I hope someone can help me with

    Having bought a Philips DVD R75 I spent about 8 hours editing from my Mini DV camcorder. Having finished about 2 am this morning I then followed the instructions to finalise my disc so that I could play it back. It just states "Unknown Data On Disc" :censored:

    As a consequence it no longer plays in the DVD recorder but in addition it will not play on my other DVD recorder or PC. I suspect this is because I used a DVD+R and not a DVD+R RW disc. However there is obviously data on there (I viewed it before finalising the disc)

    Is there any way of converting this to a watchable DVD. My PC just fails to recognise there is any data oin it so I have been unable to copy it to a DVD+R RW disc

    The second question I have is that learning from my mistake I then copied about 20 mins from a VHS to a DVD+R RW. I finalised it and thankfully can play this on both my PC and DVD player. However when I try and copy it in my dvd rewriter, it either takes forever or doesn't work. There is only about 560 MB but I left it overnight and it was only about 40% done. I have tried again this morning and I get the same problem. I am using Power 2 Go Software and have also tried Avermedia Ulead 2 Movie Factory and a couple of others

    Any suggestions (particularly for someone who is somewhat IT challenged) would be most appreciated

    many thanks

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