copying dvd clips to vhs possible?


Stevie S


I know this is an odd way round to do things, but I need to put together a selection of video clips for a seminar presentation (I work as a film and drama lecturer). In the past, it was OK to have a stack of vhs tapes all wound to the appropriate place on the tape, but switching dvds around, going through all the copyright notices and menus, it's all very slow and awkward.

So what I want to do is take a number of 2 or 3 minute clips from dvds and compile them onto a VHS tape. Should this be straightforward if I use a macromaster pro cable?

I know technically it's illegal, but I figure for a few minutes of video, in the interests of education, no-one's going to sue me.

Any advice much appreciated
yes it would be very simple with the right cable

you could of course put the clips onto a dvd. This seems a more sensible option to me. If you used -RAM this would be perfect.

It would allow you easy access to any of the clips. You could also add/remove clips to the disc as required .

You would of course need a RAM capable player. A modded Panasonic 35 can be bought for around £90. This would also mean you do not require a separate lead.
sorry I edited my last post

yes that is the one

i still think putting the clips onto disc, even if it is -r is the way to go
I do have an HS2, as well as another DVD player (Denon 2900). I guess if I could do it onto DVD-R as easily as onto VHS, that would be even better. Is there an easy way to do this?

thanks again for your help

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