copying dolby digital dvd's


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hi, do dvd copiers or pc copiers copy dvd's in dolby digital/dts?
if so what copier or dvd writer is best and what format do you use , ie; dvd-r!

thanks. (complete newbie to dvd copying!)



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I don't think DVD copying is really an allowed topic here. As a general guide the best way is to get a PC DVD burner because then you can copy everything digitally without a digital>analogue>digital conversion. Any DVD burner will do and it doesn't matter if you use DVD-R or DVD+R as the results will effectively be the same (although DVD-R is more likely to play on any set-top DVD player you try).


Copying commercial dvd's (which is what I suspect you are referring to, unless you have some way of generating your own dolby digital material) is a non-trivial exercise. Bitwise copying as you might attempt with a CD is not generally possible as most commercial disks are double layer and as such cannot be simply copied to a single layer writable DVD. It is therefore necessary to decide what part of the content you want and rework the menus etc. This in turn means defeating the copy protection on the disk, which is illegal in the USA for any reason (under the vile DMCI) and will soon be equally illegal here as the European parliament have just waived through legislation (see this register article ). The company producing the best known software for doing this was recently the subject of a lawsuit which forced it to remove the DVD ripper component from the product. If you are interested in the case see the 321 software homepage. For a US-centric view of the whole consumer-rights/legal issues around copying digital media see the electronic frontier foundation website.

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