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Copying contacts between phones - Help!


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I just got a new mobile, a Motorola L6 locked to O2.

My old mobile is a Nokia 6680 locked to 3.

My original plan was to use my USB dongle to sync my PC the 6680, copy the information across to whatever PC software Motorola uses, then sync that to the L6.

The trouble is, my bluetooth dongle doesn't want to co-operate. Whenever I plug it in I get USB device not recognised error despite having installed the latest Bluesoleil software.

Then I thought I would just send the data directly via bluetooth between the phones. The Motorola made me manually accept all 370 contacts (!!) but then when that was finished, they weren't in my contacts! It seemed to have sent them but not stored them :(

I have though of using USB to connect the phones to my PC, but I can't find the cable for the 6680 and I didn't get one with the L6.

I've just thought, I have an old SE T68i lying around that is unlocked. If I can work out how to copy the contacts info in the phone onto the SIM (I think the SIM can only store 250 entries, not sure how I'll get around that), copy them from the SIM into the T68i memory, put the the O2 SIM, and then copy them from the phone onto that. Will that work?

Thanks for any help, I really don't fancy manually putting in 370 entires :eek:
Is it just me or does keeping in simple not fix this problem.

Save all contacts to SIM > put SIM in new phone.
copy to phone
repeat Save all contacts to SIM > put SIM in new phone.
copy to phone
Backup phone
Job done!


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Unfortunately not, the phones are locked to different networks so they won't accept each other's SIMs :(

I'm trying the same thing but via my unlocked T68i right now. It will create a new entry for each number rather than multiple numbers per contact but it's better than the manual option.


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The T68i can't read my 3 SIM. It's fine with the O2 one.

Now what!?


Idea, send from 6680 with 3 SIM to T68i with O2 SIM using bluetooth!
can you not transfer contacts between phones via bluetooth. some phones have a select all option. Some times this works?

If not can I think you might need to unlock your phones!


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I tired that. THe L6 made me manually accept each transfer, 370 button presses about 5 seconds apart. Once it had finished I realised it hadn't saved any of them! :mad:

I think I've found a way around it now. I found the USB cable for my Nokia, so I've synced it with Outlook Express. I also found that a standard mini-USB to USB cable is all that the L6 needs, so I hooked that up and am now cleaning out the SIM and contacts I put in so I can then sync it with Outlook.

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