Question Copy+ to copy progs from 1TB to 2TB drives?


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Nov 3, 2009
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I have an Amstrad DRX780 Sky+HD box which is getting very old now, in which I installed a 1Tb HDD a few years ago.

I have just bought a DRX890 from what looks like a very popular and reputable seller on Ebay (I know, I know!) which has had a 2Tb HDD fitted.

So, my question is... can I use Copy+ to copy the recordings from the old 1Tb drive to the new 2Tb drive?

I have read many forums, including those on the Copy+ website itself and they all seem quite old and contradict each other as to whether Copy+ can do this.

Some say that Copy+ can't cope with 'Darwin' (whatever that is - but I presume my existing Sky box is Darwin) and that it can't copy recordings that are on this system.

Others say Copy+ will try to format the new drive and will basically turn it into a 1Tb drive as that's all it can cope with.

A few others say it can do the whole 2Tb but get very confusing as to whether it can copy recordings etc....

I'm really confused about it all.

Should I just spend 20 quid and use ExPVR instead and will that do it ok?


Copy+ is no longer an option, but using ExPVR its definitely possible to copy over your recordings. Have a look in the ExPVR forums for further info.
Thank you! It's what I suspected but that's definitely clarified things for me.

Will invest in ExPVR and try that.

Thanks again


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