Copy Sky+ To Toshiba Rdxs34

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Has anyone done this and can they tell me the best way.If I explain my set-up.Panny TV connected to scart switch box then SKY+ to scart C, VCR to scart B and TOSH DVDR to A.I followed instructions in SKY booklet and then set TOSH to record. On switch box I had record button C to A down and input on Tosh as AV2.Got a blank recording. Then tried input on Tosh as AV1 and whilst recording I seemed to get a double picture of what was recording as though it was coming from SKY+ and able to see it thru Tosh at same time. Anyway checked recording thinking it would have double pictures on it but it seems this the best way to go. Or should I have SKY+ box connected directly to AV2 on Tosh and then select input AV2 again? Just tried this and I have a blank picture again. Any advice as best way to go please!!


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I have a Tosh RD-XS30 but assume its the same as the 34.

Due to the Sky+ box only having one RGB Scart (which goes straight to the plasma), I found that I got a better recorded picture on the Tosh if I linked them with a decent S-Video cable (plus the mandatory RCA audio cable) rather than the composite Scart.

Tosh output then goes to the plasma on a spare Scart socket - but this isn't our main DVD player - it's just there as a recording deck - so the fairly poor composite picture isn't a problem for me.

Just re-read prior to hitting 'Submit' and not sure this helps... but I'll post it anyway 'cos you never know!

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