Copy Sky HD to Pano 768 DVD RAM


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I have a set of recordings on my SKY HD hard drive which I want to 'copy' to my new Pano 768 Hard Drive or DVD. The SKY box is connected to the TV through HDMI. The Pano is connected to the Sky box via scart, and to the TV via Scart.
I follow precisely the procedure (in the SKY manual) to copy, all seems ok but
when I play back the DVD or the Hard Drive only the Sound has been recorded and no picture.
Am I doing something wrong. Any help:lease:


a couple of things to mention here

1) make sure you are using the tv output scart of the sky box to the line input of the recorder

2) make sure you play the recording on the sky box in real time , as it will record in real time from the sky box to the recorder

using the copy function seems fraught with difficulty but I am sure a sky plus user can tell you the exact procedure to follow


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As Ramjet has said connect Sky TV Scart to AV2 on the Panasonic and make sure that AV2 is set to input RGB/Video. On the 768 goto..

Functions-To Others-Setup-Connection-AV2 Settings

(and make sure the scart leads are pushed fully home.)
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