Copy recorded sky+ and sky + hd off to remot hdd?


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I all is it possible to save off recorded sky programmes off to local USB hdd or remote network drive or NAS. We regularly have to delete recorded content as we run out of space ?

Thanks for feedback


You can't attach and use external storage to the HD box. Not yet, at least.
It must be on the list of developments or at least thoughts somewhere along the line


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Sorry should have made my q a little clearer.
I meant - if I wanted to could I copy off stuff I have recorded on sky off to another media thus 1. Letting me watch it else where and 2. Freeing up space on my smallish or do it seems :) sky hdd as we are regularly having to delete unwatched content or miss other stuff we would like to record (what with having young kids time is a premium and we don't always get time to watch all we recorded)



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I think that the best solution is either to get a new, bigger, box ... or upgrade the HDD to larger one.

It may require a bit more up-front effort ... but it will be much easier in the long run with no need to juggle recording media.



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Well when prices come down I just might have a play. Thanks all

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