Copy Panasonic DMRs HDD to HDD - EX87 to EX88

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    Ok, I have plenty of video (approx 100 hours, 50 titles, 1 to 3 hours each, generally SP mode, which are each copies from videotapes - yes I know it's a lot but that's bringing up 4 children over 25 years) on the hard disk 250GB panasonic DMR EX87, and want to move it all to 400 GB Panasonic DMR EX88, i.e. from one HDD to the other HDD.

    1. The best way I've found to do this is to connect both DVD machines via SCART, REC on receiving DMR (the 400GB), PLAY on sending DMR, and it will then record in 8-hour chunks on the receiving DMR (just playing over the break between titles).
    If I could I'd prefer some sort of "Copy all Titles" fast copy option, but I don't think there's any fast copy option for HDD on one machine to HDD on the other?
    (I have most of this also copied to DVD disk, although some was flexible recording because of length of material in original title, so could fast copy the disks onto the new HDD, but it would be a lot of disk swapping at 10 minute intervals).

    2. If I copy in large chunks as above then I'd then like to get back to the original way the video was divdided into titles.
    (a) Is there a way to divide the titles? Can I split the 8-hour chunks into chapters and then copy each chapter to a different title (effectively copying HDD to HDD within the new 400GB Panasonic?)
    (b) Can I combine two titles into one?

    3. I'm hoping that none of this should lose any quality. Early samples look ok. Any comment?

    4. I assume I will have to re-enter the titles on the 400GB machine?

    5. Or is there a better way of doing all this?:confused:

    Any tips much appreciated.

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    Hi Mike

    The first thing to say is that represents a great deal of work, which you have on only one storage device, so you really need these recordings on another storage medium ASAP to protect yourself from total loss in the unfortunate event of the HDD failing... irrespective of the moving issue.
    Ah - Good. I am responding 'on the fly' and had not read that yet.

    But the answer here is using RAM discs.
    The problem with the eight hour chunk method is loss. The intaking machine is having to re-encode the data so it will incur a loss on the way.

    RAM discs can be used to copy from one machine to the other losslessly and at high speed... in both copy processes.
    It would have to be in two hour chunks [ assuming SP originals ] and would involve disc swapping. That cannot be avoided.

    There are many options open to you here.
    Firstly - Yes - do chapter the material, which you can easily do by pushing the yellow button at any appropriate point in the recording.
    Not only will chaptering assist you in general navigation when watching the material, but they can and will offer useful and quickly accessible points when it comes to manipulating the material for title splitting, playlist editing etc.

    Once you have chapter marked, you can use those marks as quick navigators in the 'Divide Title' Process [ When in the Divide Title screen, pause the video, then use the skip buttons to quickly find the chapter point at which you wish to split the title. ]
    See post no 50 on this page which should provide you with some useful ideas about how you might approach some of these issues.

    Regarding point b) - You can combine titles using the Playlists feature. Details will be in the post referenced above.
    Chapters can be combined simply using the combine chapter facility.
    AS remarked above – If you use RAM to copy at high speed on both machines, it will be a lossless transfer. Otherwise directly linking the machines and real-time transferring invokes a loss.
    Not if you titled them earlier and high speed transfer. In High speed copying everything goes with it : Titles and Chapter points... which you would also lose by real time copying – so you can see it is the way to go.

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