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copy movies from sony trv255e to laptop



I have a sony trv255e digitial 8 camcorder. I am trying to copy the movies i have recorded into laptop using picture package software that has been provided with the camcorder. But there is nt any option in the software for copying movies as i have recorded. It copies only certain clips and adds its own music and visual effects. Could someone tell me how to copy the movies recorded on to my laptop as i have recorded it.


Let me guess - you have connected the cam to laptop via USB. Well forget USB as it will never let you get the video off the cam in full quality. You need to connect with firewire (aka iLink, DV port, ieee1394). If the laptop does not have firewire then you can add the port with a PCMCIA card.
Also forget the supplied software. If you have Windows XP then use the supplied Movie Maker to capture and edit the video. It is basic, but plenty good enough for getting started. If an older version of Windows (Must be 98se or later to use firewire) then you will need to buy a program such as Adobe Premiere Elements, Ulead Video Studio, Sony Vegus Studio etc all at around £40-£50.


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