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    I have just taken delivery of a Sony DCR-PC9E camcorder. Very nice piece of kit, replaced my Panasonic NV55 stolen from Gatwick.

    Unlike the Panny, the Sony has analogue input, a very nice feature. Works perfectly, though I wondered whether anyone knew whether it was possible to overcome copy protection when working with DVDs?

    Not looking for responses about piracy etc, as I am only using it for the odd few seconds of image capture for my own creative purposes. I know I could record it onto a VCR and then copy from the VHS tape, but is there a way of doing it direct from the DVD?
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    Even though you say you aren't interested in Piracy you are asking for a way to circumnavigate the DVD copy protection which is actually illegal according to the DMCA so maybe thats why noone has replied. ;)

    Your DVD player will have Macrovision on its analog outputs. This means that if you try and play back the DVD signal via the video output and it senses there is a recoding device (camcorder, Digital Video Recorder, or a standard VHS Deck ) at the other end it will put the signal out of synch meaning its scambled and unwatchable, which is fantastic if you've got an acient TV and need to run your DVD player via your video.

    Technically you shouldn't even be able to record DVD to VHS unless your DVD player has had Macrovision disabled (or never had it in the first place), or your VHS machine is ancient and can bypass the Macrovision corruption.

    If you really want to do it you can get your DVD player modified to remove Macrovision, buy\build a passthrough device that removes the Macrovision signal on its way to your recording device (some older VHS players will do this for you, nice)or buy a Macrovision free DVD player. Some cheaper no-name DVD players offer this functionallity by entering special codes or just plain don't have Macrovision built in. From what i can tell the first two options are actually illegal (in the US or they may get you if you travell to the US) under the DMCA but many places sell these devices and services quite openly. I'd say a manafacturer building a DVD player without Macrovision is breaking their licence but thats their problem.

    What i did was get a Pioneer DVD player for my PC, a Geforce video card with S/Video out and a small piece of software call TVTool. Presto i can output non Macrovision video from my DVD to whatever the hell i like. Fair Use and all.
    Another advantage of this setup is that you can also rip small section from a DVD using a decyripting tool (which are very much illegal to use and distribute) which means it never gets transfered to a analog signal.

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