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Sure this a regular Topic, but searching hasn't shown anything for Win7 32b.
I make a master copy of video/sound files on a dedicated HDD, apart from the C-drive for Programs.
However, I don't always manage to make duplicate copies on external drives.
I've been prompted to explore a software option as in the current Computer Shopper they are offering a free download (it says),"Ablesoft Backup 2014" - it's a title I don't know, but I'm suspicious of the name "Able-" as this sounds like it is promising LOTS....

[-One interesting feature it claims it will organise backups even if the external drive isn't connected - meaning it waits until it is, then presumably, it copies-over - hopefully (promps), when there is time to do this. ].

Does anyone know this software, is it without snags - and does the "missing drive feature" work as it implies, without a hitch?

Alternatively, can you rec. software that does this?

Typically, the files can build up to 10's Gb, before I get the external drive out of the Loft.
These drives are 1) eSATA, . . . . 2) USB3. they work fine, but it's rather tedious finding which
files are backed-up, and which aren't.



If you don't like it once installed you can always uninstall it.

Another option could be SyncToy although you do have to manually run it to backup your files. But it does keep track of your backups and just catches up next time you connect the HDD and run the program.


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