Copy contents of a Raid 0 array to a single HDD?


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I have two 500GB HDD connected in Raid 0.

Would it be possible to transfer the contents over to another single HDD?
I have a spare 300GB drive and have less than that on the Raid array.

I want to use the two 500GB drives for a Windows 7 install but it would be good to keep a copy of my existing XP system on a spare drive.

Yes it should be possible, just because its in a RAID array it doesn't mean you cannot copy data to other (single) drives.

Just attach the spare to the pc and copy the data.

The problem may come if you are trying to do this in windows, as files will not copy when in use. (The OS)

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Sorry, when I said contents, I mean the whole OS - basically everything on the raid array.


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sure if its only data,

however if its got an OS on there that you want to preserve then just coping the files will not work, you might want to clone onto that new disk using your prefered tool, I use ghost but arconis true image is well regarded, I am sure there are some free tools out there too.

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