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Where does Russ Andrews & Black Rhodium get the enclosure boxes they each use for their power blocks?

The Russ Andrews PowerBlock just looks like an enclosure from a laboratory with the usual MK un-switched sockets.
The Black Rhodium Power Management one has an inter-locking double F logo on the end plates.

Only ask as I am interested in sourcing the raw materials to construct my own at a cheaper rate!
Knowing Mr Andrews mark up rate, I would think there must be cheaper options.
I have seen the power block spec using MK Pinnacle trunking listed elsewhere in this forum. After costing that out, it comes in a bit pricey.

I do know that Merlin use Brennenstuhl trailing block for their Black Widow mains block. The block is really nice quality each socket is shuttered. The power switch was illuminated –it is a bit of a fiddle but the bulb can be removed.


Have you tried Maplins or a local Electrical Wholesaler? I bought all the makings for a screened power cable today, MK Toughplug - IEC320 female - 1metre screened cable and heatshrink,for £3.50. Mr Andrews charges £7.00 for an MK plug that retails for~£2.00 but it is called a "reference" plug, yeah right


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Cheers for the reply, I have the power cables down to a tee!
It's a power block I want to make, have modified a brennenstuhl trailing block -I'm very happy with, but would like to try something more substantial.

I am presuming that Russ Andrews & Black Rhodium do buy in these enclosures, so someone must know who makes them?

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