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Anyone read any reviews on the Copland CVA 535 5 channel power amplifier? Or even better, does anyone own one of these:cool:


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The Copland was recommended to me by someone at KJ West One, which is a pretty respectable shop in London's west end. But I haven't actually listened to it, I'm afraid.


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Hey Marck

Ive not heard the Copland 5 Channel Amp, but I heard the new 2 Ch PA & Valve Pre with a Copland 822 & Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors at a hifi show recently, one of the best set ups Ive heard in my life. in fact this set up blew away the Krell DVD, AV Pre & 5 Ch amp with the full size Sonus Faber Cremona 5.1 system.

Id imagine the 5 Channel Amp is pretty good. FWIW I also heard the Primare A30.5 Amp at the show and that was also mightily impressive.



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Are you referring to the London hifi show? I attended that too.

Over the last year I have made numerous changes to my system - it now consists of:

Theta Carmen CD / DVD Transport
b. 2 * Audiolab 8000MX
c. 3 * Audiolab 8000SX (used for home cinema power - 1 center, 1 sides and 1 for rears)
d. Lexicon MC1 processor
e. Audiolab 8000T
f. Castle Howard S2
g. Castle Keep
h. Castle Richmond 3 (rears)
i. Mission 77DS (sides)
j. REL Q200

I am using DNM speaker cable with Transparent interconnects for MC1 to Theta and MC1 to MX's.

I have just sold my MX's and two SX's and am replacing these with the Copland amp. The remaining SX will power the sides.

Next year I am intending to purchase a pair of martin Logan Aeons and the Martin Logan Centre speaker. What are your opinions of this set up?



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Hey Marck

No Scottish hifi show, although you were prbably in the Absolute Sounds room from what I read of the London show, Anyway you have a fine taste in speakers my funk soul brother, I think my little Castle Richmond 2s (Bigger than the 3s you have) are one of the finest all round speakers ever invented. So good Im loathed to get them out of my setup.

I can see why your questioning the PAs in your current system, they are good uns the Alabs but outclassed by the rest of your system to be honest, I would be changing those first, with the Lexicon at the helm you have 2 mainstream choices of Pas I would reckon, TAG or Bryston are the ones on this fourm which are regarded best (from what Ive read), although you could as your thinking go a little off cnetre with either Copland or Primare, then I would check out the Martin Logans, fron what Ive heard of them the offer a different presentation than standard transducers like your Castle (which are smooth already) a very beguiling smooth midband, but your REL will need to reinforce them. An audition is a must of course but I would also be looking at Sonus Faber as well especially if your thinking of Copland PAs, these go together well like : Castle speakers & hifi nuts with good taste. Anyway see what the Castles sound like with new amps onboard. If you do go for the Logans you may wish to check the impedence & sensitvity ratings of your rear speaker package as a whole to ensure full system integrity BTW.

Nice system BTW I like to see non run of the mill efforts.


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I am awaiting the delivery of my Copland amp - apparently it is so good that you have to wait until Feb to get your hands on one if you were to order it now!

As you said, the Audiolabs were defintely in a different class to rest of system, hence the change.

My plan for next year is to purchase the Aeons for the front, change the Keep for the ML Center. Then to use the Howards for my rears and Richmonds for my sides. I would love to replace all with ML's, but the cost factor sort of overrides that! Likewise with the sub - I would love to replace this with the ML, however my money tree has all but gone, so it will just have to wait....!

By the way, the reason for Copland path - TAG I personally dont like - I think very over priced and over rated - the Audiolab equipment was much better value than the TAG products. Bryston was a contender. But the Copland is excellent for music as well as home cinema - and both are important to me.

It will certainly be a different system when completed.

Have you heard the Aeons? They are amazing speakers - I love my Castles, but they were just in a different league.


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Avoid that Tag McLaren power amp. Ugh. Bryston 9B and Meridian 558 are both very nice. Arcam P7 is surprisingly good value.


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I have no plans to go that route - I personally think there are far better products out there than TAG!

What are your views on the Copland 5 channel amp - have you heard it yet?


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The current issue of HiFi Choice (the 'awards' issue) has a review of the Copland power amp and the pre-amp (not processor) that goes with it.

Can't remember off hand but I think they liked it.


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