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I'm trying to find a solution to cooling my alphason chromium cabinet. Generally the heat is fine in there until I use my PS3 (which is mostly just used for DVDs/blu-ray/amazon video). The PS3 really kicks out some hot air and it seems to just get trapped. The unit has slots pre-cut in the bottom, which the PS3 sits on and then cable holes at the back, but this obviously isn't providing enough ventilation.

I have a pair of fans (ac infinity multifan 5) acting as exhausts positioned in front of the cable holes at the rear, but still no joy. So I'm thinking I want some fans that I can properly install into the rear and bottom of the cabinet providing an exhaust and intake, but I would really like this to be controlled thermostatically and I'm finding there isn't a lot of options out there for the UK market (and I'm not wanting to spend masses of cash on this!)

I love the look of the ac infinity controller 8, which can control 4 zones (there are 4 compartments in my unit which would be ideal, but not essential as it is just the main area that seems to overheat but would be nice to provide extra cooling to things like my switch and steam link). However, I cannot find a UK supplier and shipping from the US is just too pricey. I also saw somewhere a project that uses a PC 5 inch bay controller, but I'm not feeling this so much. Anyone got a good controller, reasonably priced, or any other advice?

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