cool places to hang out in london?


i'm back down in london for a few days next weekend and i'm looking for some tragically hip places to hang out on a friday nite, saturday day, and saturday evening. painfully cool places like camden for example. i had a great time in camden in june

i'm just wondering if i should just go back to camden, or if there are other cool places like that with loads of cool bars etc. i'll be going with other friends from london, but i want to take the lead and find somewhere interesting and a little bit different. my friends are all into hip music, and not particularly into getting drunk as a skunk, so a cool eating place with live music for example could be good. i wanted to avoid the typical touristy places

any londonners know of any good places? are there other places like camden, or is that the runaway cool place for now?

oh, i know the notting hill carnival is on sunday and monday and i'll be at that, and i have plans for sunday & monday nite. none of us are loaded either, so chinawhytes and the embassy club aren't particularly suitable, unless my lottery numbers come up!
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i'd recommend shoreditch/brick lane for an evening...

93 (link above) is worth a look, cool people, no mad drinkers trying to stab you with broken bottles, cool easy dress code and great music


there's also a load of other cool bars and places to eat and chill


theres also cargo, which is another cool hang out, food, music, drinks and dancing... its just round the corner, once again a chilled dress code and chilled people



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Camden, Brick Lane, Soho, China Town and westward, The Ship by the river in Hammersmith and Herny's and Pitcher and Piano in Richmond...


thanks guys, it looks like the C6/C7 area on the tube map is the happening place? typically it's about as far away as possible from where i'll be staying, but nevermind. not too far from camden either

so if i went to say hoxton and then shoreditch/brick lane for a start

i'm finding it hard to pinpoint some of the places, using a tube map for rough directions. i think i've been to china town before, i thought soho was a bit more upmarket these days. what tube stations are near those places?


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brick lane and old street are not too far apart, aldgate east is the cloeset to brick lane and old st to Hoxton Sqaure, bedroom bar is a nice bar in Old St, and as mentioned above Cargo is quite cool,


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if your into Metal/punk/alt music I'd recommend the Fihting Cocks in Kingston, a little bit out of London but a great place with cool bands playing most nights, its my local haunt, and I love it

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