Cool company names


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Drove past a cement mixer this morning.

Company name: Jim'll Mix It



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Saw a van signwritten with P&S Joinery the other day, not sure it's 'cool' but it did make the inner child in me laugh.


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Edison & Crapper

Plumbing and electrical supplies in Sunbury on Thames ....Gone now though


Cat Walks Dogs.

Girl (called Cat) has a sign written van and walks people's dogs for them in the forest here at lunch time. Always thought it was a great name. :) Does exactly what it says on the tin (van)


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Just remember another one; a girl that does kickboxing...


Ed Selley

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York used to have the Kamikaze school of motoring that sadly appears to be no more. Another defunct one was a (brilliant) Vietnamese restaurant up near Swiss Cottage called The McNamara Line.*

*May only be brilliant if you are a history anorak.

EDIT- on the subject of food, there is a chippy outside Waterloo station called the Fishcoteque.
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Siamese Cat

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There used to be a restaurant in West London called Steak de Paris. Next door to it was another restaurant called Curry de Bombay.

Tommy Teapot

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i live in a town called antrim, one of the local hair dressers is called "Hair An'Trim" :)
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Chip shop in Aberdeen


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There's a sandwich van in Cardiff called The Cobfather!
Plays the Godfather theme like an ice cream van when it turns up too.
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Driving school here called "L Passo"

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