Convince me to buy a 40"+ LCD rather than plasma


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Looking through the discussions here, there are very few references to big screen LCDs. The new Sony V40 seems to win some favourites, but having viewed today I remain unimpressed.

I'm very close to spending my money on a PV500 or 436XDE plasma. Am I making a mistake?


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no get the Pioneer, if you got that kind of money at 42" your better of with a Plasma. However 37" and below I'd say LCD.


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I am in the same boat. I will shortly be buying a set... somewhere between 37" to 42" which puts me right in the middle of both technologies.

I am going to have to see the beasts in the flesh me thinks.


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No reflections, cheaper than the hd ready plasma's...and just an amazing picture with good tv material like dvd's and hd...


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Hmm. This thread is confirming my suspicions that there is no clear cut answer. Realistically I will be viewing a mixture of off-air, DVD and HD sources so I want a TV that will be forgiving on lower quality footage. From my demos of LCD, only the 9986 was strong in this area, and they are damn expensive.

Has anyone here got personal experience (rather than just store demos) of top-end 40"+ LCDs and 42" plasmas? I'm still undecided!


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My personal experience, I had a 42" plasma (Sony KDEP-42MRX1) for 4 months and then got a full refund due to lots of problems. :rolleyes: I now own a 40" LCD (V 40) and I would never go back to the plasma. :)

I had 4 plasmas during these 4 months and they all made a buzzing noise, the LCD is silent. I now have no worries regarding screen burn running my pc/sky/"dogs", and have saved 2K in the process.


hi ive got a panny plasma and a lcd, id go for a plasma for ur main tv and a lcd for the other room, as to to speak.
not seen a big lcd to beat my plasma yet.
viewing distance, is a big issue here, gotta be a long way away to make a 37"+ lcd look good, and we all aint got big living rooms.
the way i see it is, some people are picky some are not, and u buys what u get, not everyone likes footy, but if u can get a tv that the footys good on, everything else will be.
ive seen lcd panels, peeps are said there great, only to be let down.
at the mo id go for a sharp, pe50, great with sd stuff, and anyways there will be a better hi def panel out, by the time it kicks in.
and hi def will not be cheap, theres 300 plus for the box, and the subs, which are how much.


Funny that I see it the opposite way around. If I see a plasma fairly close up I see loads of lines running down the screen (thats because there are loads of lines running down the screen) on Lcd I see a smooth continous image more like real life! down to individual perceptions I guess.

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