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I have convertx to DVD on my laptop, I have several 700mb films that I want to convert to play in a stand alone DVD player that does not play avi format, how many avi films can I fit onto a standard DVD without losing picture quality? Is it a simple case of 6 x 700mb = 4.2 gb so it will fit on a 4.3gb DVD? Or does convertx change the file sizes when converted?



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Ha ha just replied to your other thread suggesting you try that app :)

Yes it is exactly as you suggest...6x700Mb AVI's should fit on a Normal DVD with no loss of quality other than what has already been lost during the initial ripping from DVD to AVi process...

ConvertX will tell you if any loss of quality will occur as you add files to the Disc layout prior to burning if you add to many files anyway..
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