Converting Sky+ RGB to progressive scan


Majid Khan

Hi folks, can someone kindly help me on this one..

I am looking to find out the best way to convert Sky Digital via an RGB Scart to progessive scan through component input.. -

One possibility I am thinking, is if I were to hook up my progressive scan dvd recorder to the TV via component (progressive) -- and then connect the RGB Scart of the Sky Digital box to the DVD recorder, would I then get a progressive scan output of Sky on the tv through the component?

I'm assuming here that this would lead to improvement in pic quality ..

Or alaternatively, what are the best options out there..

Are there any adapters/converters (JS Tech?) which take in RGB scart at one end and give a component output at the other, giving better picture quality ?

I would really appreciate any advice, thanks..

The reason I ask is because i'm looking to get an LCD tv (Sony V40) which I've seen has brilliant picture with progressive scan without any motion issues at all - but with an interlaced signal, it doesn't look as smooth.. seems a little jittery.


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Hi Majid, it seems like no one here has the knowledge or technical expertise to help you out. I wish i could help you but all i can do is draw a blank on this one. You may have to "write in" to one of these monthly home consumer/home entertainment/gadget magazines and see if they can come up with something. I usually read "Stuff" magazine it has a good letters section.

Chris Frost

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It's a sensible question, and with Hi-Def just round the corner I think it's one that will be asked more frequently as people buy Hi-Def compatible displays.

Your thought about using the passthrough of a PS DVD Recorder is interesting. In theory that should work provided that the recorder can process the signal fast enough. There may be a better chance with a DVD Recorder with Hard Disc since there'll be more processing power under the hood to support timeslip and play whilst record features.

Perhaps you should post a new question asking how to connect the PS output to a plasma. That'll give you your answer via a different route.

The alternative solution is to use a line doubler or scaler. Since most scalers are designed for the American market they don't have RGB inputs, but your Sky+ box does have an S-video output so that could be used instead. Have a look for secondhand iScan Pro's in the FS forum here and on Ebay. They'll accept S-video and give you an output signal in PS Component. Very good processing too :thumbsup:


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