Converting phone line to broadband line

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At the moment I have one BT line for voicecalls with the original sockets (bedroom upstairs, living room downstairs) that are the size of a matchbox and we had the frame of the double-glazing cut to accomodate it neatly. When (pre-wireless) we had a second BT line installed (dining room/study) they used a far bigger wall mounted box to house the socket (about the size of small tub of butter + the microfilter plugged into it).

If I cancel the second line and get the first line switched to support will they need to change the socket? Will it have to be as big as the socket for the second line?



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Is the second socket a second line (different phone number) or just an extension?
They won't need to change any socket unless it is faulty anyways :) - and engineers carry small sockets, large sockets, and master sockets anyway.


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If your 1st line is working OK on the 'small sockets' and you get your BB swapped to that line, then you'll just need to use micro-filters in both your downstairs and upstairs sockets. All the internal gubbings should be the same as the newer, larger sockets (NTE5A).

You'll probably be charged for the reshuffle but it'll work out cheaper than paying for 2 lines in the long run.

PS. I gotta ask. Why did you cut the double glazing frame to fit around the socket? Why not just relocate the socket and protect your frame warranty?

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