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I have purchased about 20 tracks on itunes and have now realised I cannot play them on my walkman phone. Was wondering if I could covert them to standard mp3. I don't want to buy any software as i will not be buying any more tracks on itunes and it wouldn't be worth buying software for the sake of 20 tracks.

I have googled this and there are some sites that allegedly tell you how to do this but I don't think they are at my level of idiocy in these matters for me to understand.

Can anyone help me by posting an idiot proof guide on how to do this? I must stress "idiot proof", as I am not very familiar with itunes so a real thickos guide would be good. I have already burned the tracks onto CD (both CD-R Audio and Data - which do i use?).



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If you have burned them to audio CD, the sort that will play in a CD player, you have already removed the DRM protection and you are half-way there. Put the CD into your PC and import the tracks back into iTunes. This will create duplicates of the original track in your library but they will be in AAC or MP3 format which your Sony can probably play. [The format will depend on the settings you have for importing tracks (look under edit/Preferences) and the default is AAC.] Import the new tracks to your Sony as any other track.

It's odd that with all the fuss over Apple's insistence on copyright protection for purchased tracks the means to remove it is right there in iTunes, if users can be bothered to burn the tracks to CD and re-import them.

Note that last week iTunes got rid of DRM protection for tunes bought from the iTunes store, so any track you buy now will in theory play on anything. At least the stuff my wife bought three days ago plays fine on her Nokia phone.


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Thanks for the reply, but I am still having probs.

I have done as you said, and burned the itunes tracks to an audio cd. I have then imported them off the cd into itunes (file, import, browse to cd and select track) with the import option set to mp3 encoder. But i don't think the tracks are actually importing. The itunes library shows additional copies of each track listed, but they don't actually appear to physically be there.

With th cd removed, the duplicate tracks still appear in the library, but I can't do anythign with them such as copy and paste to another location. With the cd still there, I can copy and paste to a folder on my C drive, but the tracks are still mp4 and protected.

So, I'm stuck.

Any further advice greatly appreciated, and please remember - idiot proof!


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