Converting garage and need help on feature wall please .


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Hey Guys !!

Looking for help, I'm converting my garage Sept 2018 and thinking of putting in a feature wall (similar to the pictures below.)

I have a few questions though. (Forgive me as I'm useless when come to these things).

1) How easy/difficult is it to create a feature wall? ( excluding stone tiles etc.)

2) How easy is it to get the correct space for tv to sink into wall and is it difficult to get tv in and out once it's been put in place .
(Looking to purchase the Sony 65" AF9 when it comes out)

3) The garage is a shell at the moment so will be easy enough to feed cables through at the moment etc but once everything is completed and tv/Xbox connected, how easy would it be to setup surround a/v system in the future without putting holes in walls and wrecking all the hard work ?

4) what height should I place tv at? Is this around the correct height in the pictures.

5) was looking to put in fire place like shown in the pictures but will this damage my tv. Will it help fitting wood in between fire and tv like pictures shown.

Think that's it. Sorry if these questions are basic but don't have a clue with stuff like this.

Thanks in advance of reply.


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