converting files to HD for streaming/storing ps3

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hi Im new on these forums and have a question for you guys -

any info is great.

though not directly related to media streaming i need alittle advice

on converting file formats to HD - ultimately for streaming/storing on ps3.

i know its not true hd but getting the best quality i can is a must for me,

at the mo im trying out a pocket divx Encoder,
which states it does conversions for hd, which iv selected and manually upped. (currently converting so will wait for results)

also im using dr divx to convert any files i want to divx, then using the divx converter to change up to hd.

also i have NO IDEA what im actually doing. are these the right lines to follow? are there better alternatives?

any feedback is great -
my general aim is to stream/store hd content from my pc to ps3 even if its

not originally hd, im talking full episodes and movies too.



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What sort of files are you working with here, MKV? Using Divx is not the way to go. If it is MKV files you are using then you are best to google a program called 'MKV2VOB' which converts any MKV file into a PS3 readable file with 5.1 audio.

Hope this helps.


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a real mix of files, generally the source material isnt HD.

but i was hoping to pump up the source material to be acceptable viewing

quality on my 40inch hdtv, and after reading about converting any files you want to hd files - thought i was in luck.

iv just converted a .flv condensed movie part, into divx, then 720p and just

streamed it to my ps3 for watching.... the quality isnt a touch on hd but im sure thats because even to begin with it was bad quality..

also mkv files im not worried about - im using ps3ms which auto encodes

but if i convert file types to mkv... for hd viewing... the quality will be much better?
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