Converting an Optical output to Analog Phono?


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Hi guys,

Bought a new LG TV that only has an optical output on the back. I am trying to use this with my Panasonic amplifier as part of a home thearte kit however, this only has two phono (Red & White) audio inputs.

What's the most cost effective way of converting the optical to phono? If it can be done?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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You need a DAC converter... Don't think they are that cheap though...


There is a fairly cheap DAC Here. At £40 it is probably about as cheap as you are going to find.



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richer sounds stock the same dac that marke19 mentions for £39


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Yeah, but the sound will not be as good from SCART.


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Well scart out would only ever be in stereo whereas optical out will contain the full stream of sound as provided by the device outputting.

Therefore if you convert from say optical to digital coax for example, you can still produce dolby digital sound...

In this application I admit there would be no difference so perhaps a good solution suggested.

However (not knowing the setup) would not produce the home theatre experience with stereo alone (though obviously better than TV speakers!).

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