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Having recently bought a Streamer, I have dilligently ripped all my 300-odd CDs to FLAC and tagged the tracks adequately (I hope!).
So far, so good, but my kids would like to be able to use the library to transfer stuff onto their MP3 Players. I always knew I would need a "parallel" library of MP3 tracks to do this on the fly and there's plenty of space on my shiny new external hard drive to do just that.

What I'm looking for is a simple and quick way to get an MP3 version of all the files at once, while preserving the directory structure and, of course, the tags.

Each file is currently stored as:
F:\Stored Music\FLAC Album Copies\ArtistName\AlbumName\TrackName.flac
and ideally I would like to store the MP3 copies as:
F:\Stored Music\MP3 Album Copies\ArtistName\AlbumName\TrackName.mp3.

I know I can do it one album at a time without too much difficulty, but can anyone please suggest a way I could do everything at once (even if it ties up the machine for a while) with just a few clicks? Please be gentle as I'm not very technical!

Many thanks in advance.


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There are loads of apps that does this.

The best too IMO are DBpowerAMP and Foober2000. Will do exactly what you want, plus a thusand other things you did not know you wanted yet :)
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