Converting a desk lamp to LED - what bits do I need?


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We have this old desk lamp where the old tube blew and no one could fix. It’s of sentimental value to the family, so we can just throw it out.


I though I would take the project on and convert it to work of an LED element. However, I can’t find out what bits I need (Amazon seems to have everything else except what looks suitable). I assume I need an LED element and a controller.

Has anyone done this before and can link some components to help me out? The inside of the lamp is about 11” wide.



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Maybe have a look for a similar size strip light used for under cabinet light and transfer the fittings over


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You could use a small LED tube, or many smaller bulbs.



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Got a multimeter? I'd want to be checking the earth continuity if your going to stick with 240v.

A quick search shows there are LED strip lights at 221mm in length.

I'd look to convert to 12v as per @aVdub's link.

Otherwise, when can we see you on The Repair Shop?


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If you have the original lamp holder(s), I believe this may be the type of lamp needed, direct LED replacement. Just guessing though but I think this is the kind of "bulb" these lamps use.....

Amazon product


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Thanks guys. The original lamp fittings in this lamp burned out so I can’t really do a straightforward bulb swap. I’ll be looking for some kind of LED module or strip, a driver, and I guess a mains transform of some kind.


How much space, specifically length, is available inside the shade?

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