Converting 720p .mkv with AC3 5.1 to WMV, sloooooowwwwww!


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I'm using Winavi to convert a 720p .mkv file with AC3 5.1 audio into a WMV file to play on the 360. Now a) I'm not sure if the resulting file will have 5.1 audio, anyone know? b) It's taking forever! Estimated time left is over 4 hours for a 40 min duration file! Is there anyway of speeding it up? I used PS3 Video 9 before on a similar file and it took 1.5hrs to convert to an mp4 AVC file. Is there a better way of getting one of these 720p .mkv files playable on the 360 (preferably in 5.1 audio)?



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No idea, all my MKV files have lip-sync issues, not sure if it's the KLITE codec pack or CCP. I'm not a fan of MKV :(


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Didn't have any lip sync issues when I used PS3 Video 9 to convert them and played them on the PS3. Maybe I'll try their Xbox 360 equivalent (videora xbox360 convertor) and see how that goes.


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Let us know how you get on.

I've just started looking into this. Trying the WinAVI trail version first. A 960x544 file is set to take about 3 hours (3.2GHz P4 HT processor)

Tried a 720p .mkv file and it got to a file size of 21,796k. Message popped up stating that it was complete. When playing on media player I get sound but no video???


Yeah you can speed it zAndy1 up by giving it more CPU power, its high def video and your converting it, its very CPU intensive.


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See this thread:-

Using Windows Media Encoder Assistant (WMEA) I've managed to set it so it encodes to WMV with 5.1 WMA Pro audio in about 30 mins for a HR.HDTV file and just over an hour for a 720p .mkv file. I'm only using a trial version at the moment ($40 to unlock) but the resulting file (first 3 mins of the input file) looks fantastic and plays back in DD5.1 on the 360 with no audio sync issues. Looks very promising

The reason I think it's so much quicker is using the performance option on WMEA you can set it to '0 - Fastest Coding' and with a decent bitrate it doesn't make any detrimental difference to the PQ of the output file but saves hours on the encode! There doesn't seem to be an equivalent option on WinAVI (well there's a quality option but I set that to 0 and it didn't make any difference whatsoever)

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