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Converter Lenses for SD600


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Off topic. Thanks for your detailed threads, which convinced me to spend the extra on a Panny SD600 (John Lewis £405), what a great camcorder! Highly recommend Transcend SD cards, as they are cheap, but work flawlessly (I got a 16GB class 6 from mymemory.co.uk). I have been playing with Microsoft Movie-Maker 2011 and again recommend, very easy and does everything I need of it.

My reason for the camcorder is for our upcoming outdoor wedding and safari honeymoon.

Been doing a bit of research and like the idea of converter lenses, possibly a wide-angle lens for the wedding, a telephoto lens for the safari honeymoon and a polarizing filter for both.

Ebay looks the place for a bargain and the amateur (me :blush:) I know I need a 46mm size, but other than that I'm a bit clueless (even after spending 3hours googling and annoying my boss for lack of work :rolleyes:)

Any help would be welcomed!!! :thumbsup:


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I purchased my SD600 on Saturday (Replaced my HDR-5CE).

The size is perfect and half the size of my Sony.

I was looking at UV lenses - The one on Ebay is perfect. I will order them today.


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I was wondering about this the other day.

Look forward to your feedback once you have tested them.:smashin:


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I have just bought a Panny SD600. very pleased with it. I hav also installed a 46mm UV filter and the supplied hood and put on my brand new SD600. Mainly to protect the lens and the shutter, everything worked great eccept there is a highlighted circle around the still images vision which wont go away. After careful examination I have found out that when using the camera in low light indoors, using the flash. As the flash light is next to the lens and will be covered by the UV filter glass. The UV glass seems to reflect the light back on to camera lens and destorts the picture quality, which won't go away even if i clean the lens. I have now taken the UV filter off in low light conditions. Any one else experience this?. Also worth considering before investing in ant additional lens or glass filter with these camcorders.

There is no spot without the UV filter


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The UV filter can't be used with flash. The hood is not ideal in low light.

Both the UV filter and hood are designed to be used in sunshine.

Perhaps a lens cap for indoor use?


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Hi Dan,
My point this goes with any Glass filter or wide angle lens you attach to this SD600 camcorder and used indoor with flash.
Good idea about the lens cap. Any idea if any 46mm cap would do or it has to be specific to Panny?. Any recommended one off Ebay or else you know off would be greatly appreciated.:lease:


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The Hama 2x telephoto conversion lens was terrible, went straight back on ebay. I'm not bothering with a tele lens as a little digital zoom was miles better quality. Not decided on a wide angle yet, I think the larger lenses cut too much light out.

I was pleased with the filters though, they are of good quality glass, with no signs of image quality degradation, they are Neewer branded. I don't think the FLD is of much use though as setting the white balance manually seems to correct any florescent lighting problems more accurately.


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I would like to get that much sought after shallow depth of field effect. How effective is using ND filters, to fully open the iris, combined with setting up face recognition and zooming in?

I have read up on 35mm DOF adapters, but its way out of my price range of less than £100 :D.

If ND filters are the way to go I think a fader looks more logical than carrying 3 or 4. The problem with faders are no one makes them for 46mm :thumbsdow, closest I could find was a 52mm Light Craft Workshop one at £42,, which is well priced and reviewed, but I'm worried about vignette as i'll using a step-up ring. Anyone tried one or similar?

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