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Hi all,

I have old stock of VHS tapes which was created from V8 tapes. Unfortunately both my VHS tape player and Sony V8 camera are both out of order, unable to work.

I expect to convert VHS tapes to mp4. Please advise what device I have to purchase for this job and where I have to look for them.

Thanks in advance.


You will need a tape player of some description. Either VHS or V8.

It would be preferable if you can, to work from the original V8 tapes rather than the second generation copies of VHS - but that may be limited by what play device you can get hold of.

Then you will need a capture device of some kind... and then depending on what video format the device will capture in it may be necessary to take a further step of video conversion to MP4.

There are free-to -use software converters that can be downloaded.

This advice from Sony may be useful - Here.
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Hi Gavtech,

Lot of thanks for your advice.

I don't think having problem converting VHS/V8 to mp4. There are many software available on Open Source, such as
OBS Studio



Years ago I have converted V8 to VHS via computer.

Now what I need is a device playing VHS/V8 tape. They are already out of market.

There are shops offering service converting VHS/V8 to DVD and mp4. I have no idea of the quality of DVD and mp4 generated.

I have already dumped the defective VHS player. I have tried connecting my old Sony Video camera direct to the power adapter but there is no light showing. I suppose it is also out of order.

Any suggestion? Where can I shop those old devices? Thanks



Whether following device suitable for my use ?

ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0 (Second Generation) - Record Video from VCR's, VHS Tapes, AV, RCA, Hi8, Camcorder, DVD, Gaming Systems (Bundle Edition)
Amazon product
I can connect this device to PC, playing both VHS and V8 tapes?
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I think the second hand market is your only option to find devices on which you can play/source your original material.

I could not comment on how good or bad that device you have highlighted would be for analogue to digital conversion.
I am generally out of the loop these days for these sort of devices.

So - I will move this to another section where I think these problems are more often encountered and someone can hopefully impart some experiences and / or wisdom.


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Hi Gavtech,

Thanks for your advice.

Yes, I'm compelled looking for those devices in the second-hand market. If not expensive may-be I'll purchase a second-hand VHS player as toy for testing. Before purchasing I need to clarify whether the software converting analogue to digital is available on open source. I'm running Linux Ubuntu 20.04 here. There is no difficulty for me to install other Linux OS such as Mint, Fedora, etc. I have spare 120G SSD hard drives.



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Second hand is going to be your best bet. You can have a look for VHS to DVD devices, you can pick one up for around £150 but its going to be used so no guaranty its going to be work well. I was lucky to pick up a toshiba one that had come from a house clearance and (sadly) had barely been used.


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Hi all,

Lot of thanks for your advice. I'm now considering to get a 2nd-hand video camera.

I found on shelves 12 Sony V8 cassettes, which are in good condition, and 3 brand-new cassettes fully packed without touching. All my VHS tapes were copies of the 12 Sony V8 cassettes.

My Sony Handycam is unable to work. I still have 3 camera lens well packed in its carrying bag. I'm considering to shop a second-hand video camera. After digitizing all V8 tapes to DVDs and then to MP4 files, I still can use the second-hand video camera, bought, taking video.

My old Sony Handycam
Video 8
[8] PAL

Sony V8 tapes
Metal MP120
Sony Metal MP90 [9]

The TV broadcast system here is UK PAL-I.
I'm not going to play the DVDs on TV and will RIP them to MP4 files.

I have knowledge capturing V8 tapes to PC and then digitizing the files to MP4. I can run either Linux or Windows OS doing the job. Also the respective software are available on Open Source.

Could folks on the forum give some advice what second-hand Video-cam/Camcorder I need to shop. Thanks in advance.


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