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Hi guys I'm trying to convert my video collection to mp4 so that it'll all work on the iPad/Apple TV but I'm yet to find a decent video converter. All I want it to do is take the current avi (or whatever) file and convert it to mp4 keeping all the same quality settings as the original file, is there anything like this available?

So far all I have found is a number of apps that take ages to configure them so that the output matches the input quality settings only to find that the quality is awful on the mp4 at the end. The only way I've got the quality to come out the same is to run these converters with 2 or 3 times the bit rate of the original files and then the file size is way too big.

So far I have used...


So any others that might do the job or any settings I can try on these ones to get them to work?



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How odd

I use AVS and dont have this problem>? You sure you are looking at the settings properly?


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My vote is for Handbrake, it actually has a preset on the right hand side for the iPad, so resolution and any other settings are all preset so it plays back and looks good..........

Go and get it.........:smashin:


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The only problem is that I want to be able to keep the quality settings exactly as they are currently as I also want to play these files on my playstation/HDTV as well so I don't really want to use the iPad default.

I've tried handbrake and it's looking good, I also have some hd bluray rips, what sort of settings do I want on handbrake for those?


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Use the presets for the Apple devices as they are not in sync with the H.264 profiles used by other devices for example the PS3 can decode higher bitrate and higher H.264 profiles then any Apple device can but if you encode to those specifications then the videos will not play on the Apple devices.

So Apple basically = lowest common denominator.

If you want to retain a bit more quality in the video during conversion on the video tab drag the RF slider to RF17 as that's generally considered more or less quite close to the original video quality wise. Oh and for Blu-rays lower the resolution down to 1280x720 or thereabouts there's no point in keeping 1080p video as the ATV2 is locked to 720p display output and the iPad has a 1024x768 display, this will also lower the file size of the video too which is handy for streaming over wireless.

Lastly you can avoid video conversion altogether with the iPad by using Airplayer which can play XviD/AVI files and so forth on the iPad from SMB network shared folders, DLNA servers and so forth. For the AppleTV2 you have to jailbreak and install XBMC and then you play anything, with the exception of Blu-ray's those would still have to be converted.
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