Convert HDMI to RF Coaxial. ( I want analogue!)


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I have a media centre PC running through HDMI to my new tv.

I still have a number of old tv's in various rooms, that are so old the only input on them is RF / Coaxial.

I have RF sockets already wired in all the rooms,

I would like to take the HDMI signal and convert it to RF to transmit to all my other rooms. IE maybe on channel 36 etc.

Im not bothered about getting HD quality in the other rooms as the tv's are old. I just want to distribute the signal by RF.

Searching for a HDMI to RF converter is a nightmare, as nearly all the results are for people wanting to either do it the other way round, or want to get HD quality in the other rooms.

If anyone knows of a modulator that will do this, id be very greatfull.




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Can’t say I’ve heard of such a device either. Any RF modulator I’ve seen has been for converting standard definition analogue video sources only, such as composite or s-video signals. It may be easier to use an HDMI converter which will convert to one of these formats first, and then hook the output up to a standard RF modulator to complete the conversion to RF.

Here’s one HDMI converter that I found:

HDMI to CVBS/S-Video & Stereo Audio Converter

Not exactly cheap, but quality digital to analogue converters usually aren’t. Whether it’s actually possible to use something like this in parallel with an RF modulator I don’t know. As per the note attached to that product listing, another problem you may have to deal with is copy protection (HDCP) on the HDMI output.

Not exactly a straight forward answer/solution I’m afraid.

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